Supply Chain Management




We work with you to design and reengineer your supply chain network, and then oversee all aspects of execution and operation. This includes network design services, where we identify the optimal location for distribution facilities, cross docks, and transportation modes and routing.

CTi is a comprehensive solution set provider for all your supply chain needs.  We help companies to streamline their operations through strategic planning and implementation of programs that take into account the transportation, storage, inventory management, and distribution of a wide variety of goods.  These processes are monitored by advanced web based systems that allow for 24/7 online tracking and reporting of shipments and inventory.

Service offerings in CTi include international and domestic freight forwarding, Import/Export assistance, and customs clearance.  Our Warehousing and Fulfillment programs are specifically designed to give our clients world class product distribution capabilities with limited capital investment in facilities and personnel.  With many nationwide warehouses, a dedicated fulfillment team, and web based systems that give total visibility and control, we have all the resources to provide complete inventory management and product distribution.

In an intensely competitive global market, there is no room for lost value along a business-critical, global supply chain. To achieve competitive advantage customers require supply chains that are professionally managed, flexible, responsive and capable of meeting consistently the high standards of service worldwide.

Control Towers International Supply Chain Management solution is designed to manage end-to-end global supply chain. This solution minimizes SME’s from investing in logistics resources and enable them to focus on their core business.




Working in collaboration with you, Control Towers International can design and manage flexible organization-wide solutions to manage your international freight effectively and efficiently, helping you to deliver the exact service levels your customers require.

By considering the global supply chain as a whole, CTI International Supply Chain Management solution can achieve significant cost and efficiency benefits for its customers.




The International supply chain management solution of Control Towers International is designed for SME’s who are looking to expand globally and need flexible, affordable and scalable solutions.




Control Towers International developed an advanced system and process which offer customers and its business partners high levels of product visibility along the entire supply chain. Control Tower Internationals will support three levels of management and control:


·         Strategic- supply chain mapping

·         Tactical- proactive planning

·         Operational-transportation, inventory tracking and exceptions management



Control Towers International employ logistics professionals to act as logistics operators and coordinators for our customers around the world. Working closely with customers, our logistics experts will support the planning, execution and optimization of product movements.

Control Towers International conducts continuous benchmark activities globally and sign service level agreements (SLA) with the world A-class carriers and forwarders. This insures high service levels and competitive prices.


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