Logistics Control Towers





 In the expanding competitive global market, companies are experiencing an increasing pressure on product lead time, supply chain flexibility and total transportation costs. To achieve a competitive advantage companies require supply chains to be innovative and apply latest cross trade techniques (such as drop Shipment, remote warehousing, cross doc, MIT etc).

Control Towers International - a supply chain management solution set provider, specializes in specific cross border operations. The company offers a comprehensive range of innovative logistics management solutions, supported by a highly developed IT tool. CTi is managed by a Control Tower HQ that encompasses the entire supply chain and operates 24/7, year round. These techniques require expertise, availability and micromanagement of the process.

The Control Room is an innovative logistic tool developed by Control Towers International which is responsible for the coordination and synchronization of the total ranges of transportation and logistics operations. The Control Room combines highly experienced logistics experts in with a state-of-the-art  ICT system and creates unmatched solutions for complex logistics operations.


Contact us at: operations@control-towers.com to find out more about our solution sets.