CTiX – state-of-the-art logistics tool allows you to view shipment status, manage inventory, schedule actions and monitor security. These sophisticated system streamline communication between networks and provide powerful search capabilities and detailed performance reporting for better visibility and control of your supply chain.

"..CTiX offers integrated global supply chain visibility and interactivity. It insures that unforeseen events are identified and tackled very early in the process, avoiding delays"

CTiX is an in-house logistic IT platform which is built on the latest object oriented tools and technologies. CTiX enables a comprehensive exception and event management providing full visibility and interactivity to our customers and its business partners.

Control Towers International CTiX system provides crucial, end-to-end visibility from source to supply. Accessed via a secure extranet, CTiX offers integrated global supply chain visibility and execution across multiple carriers and multiple modes of transport. CtiX helps customers reap the benefits of supply chain visibility - better use of just-in-time supply through improved production scheduling, enabling reduced stockholding, optimized transportation and improved customer service.

The additional features of CTiX include sophisticated tools such as exception and event management helping to identify possible errors or delays early in the process while executing corrective action accordingly. CTiX provides other essentials features such as planning, optimization and billing.


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