The Logistic Control Tower





The Control Room is a highly complex environment.  Using a state-of-the-art Software called CTIX, CTi’s team have been able to configure and manage a highly visual decision making environment, with the required performance dashboards and control system to help drive better outcomes. The Control Room is designed to provide a decision making capability on top of the complex logistic structure in order to allow the impact of changes to be modeled and assigned to give the precise information in a readily accessible mechanism for a range of key users.

The Control Room takes care of services such as route planning, transport booking and full control, administration, statistics, invoicing, communication and supplier assessment, guidance and advisory services to both suppliers and customers.

The principle behind the Control Room is to streamlining activities at the final links in the logistic chain. This is the hub of the network which co-ordinates all activities and services, gives you more efficient logistics operations and financial control.


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