To reach perfection in freight solutions management about to provide full control worldwide in a different time zones. CTi Operations Control Room provides totally tailored, suitable specifically for your needs solutions and unique, fully integrated into our operational and communication online system CTiX, which brings you full transparency of your cargo transportation. For your convenience, we made a single point of contact to provide one-stop shopping worldwide with simple rates.


CTi is strategically located across the world with the operational experts, who understand your business needs to match even utmost complex marine challenges. Our experts in the Operational Center CTi are ready to calculate the most efficient cost saving rout also highlights potential process improvements throughout your supply chain, including handling reductions for best return. A tailored solution based on your actual needs from professionals who understands the challenges of your industry. CTi is a leading global freight management solution provider with a global network, therefore able to seamlessly operate in any place on the planet at any time. 

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