CTi specializes in multimodal SEA/ AIR/ LAND transportation. The massive growth in containerization which introduced the modern concept of Multimodal Transport has shifted the cargo delivery system from "port-to-port" to "door-to-door".


Moreover, several industrial and agricultural companies have changed their production methods to be able to use containers for export and capture the advantages of CTi. Simply, Multimodal Transport can be viewed as "the chain that interconnects different links or modes of transport -air, sea, and inland- into one complete process that ensures an efficient and cost-effective door-to-door movement of goods under the responsibility of a single transport operator, known as a Multimodal Transport Operator (MTO), on one transport document".


CTi offers its clients a flawless multimodal approach to your transportation needs, along with integrated logistics solutions via strategically located transshipment centers accessible to the global markets. Furthermore, by offering you our integrated logistics solution, we are able to pick up your goods and ship them overseas, to the final destination of your choice. Making use of our multimodal services ensures you high levels of operational efficiency, while you are saving money, time and energy.


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