Road, Ocean, Air Transport


CONTROL TOWERS INTERNATIONAL BV is working in the niche market of Drop Shipments.

The core idea of Operations is to provide a unique solution set which gives the flexibility & freedom to our customers and manage the entire logistic (Air, Ocean, Road) process while bringing you with maximum control. For this reason we put in place global transportation and logistics hubs, for instance in the US, where we operate through 18 gateways to enable us to transport from the closest place of the supplier and ship on the fastest route to our customers.

One of the challenges in Drop Shipment is that the process is taking place around  the world in different times zones ( night, day, weekends, weekdays, holidays etc) and to properly manage Drop Shipments we utilize a logistically centralized Control Tower HQ in Schiphol airport, Netherlands that cover all time zones and operates 7/24/365.

The entire  process is accessible on-line through our CTiX system, which is an interactive tool to control  parts documentations, shipments and parts themselves. In addition to the  above we  provide warehousing solutions for customers who are interesting to keep stock in key locations around the world,  for example critical stock close to our client’s customers.


We provide Road, Ocean and Air Transportation Logistics or a combination of them by building a unique Solution Set customized specifically for your needs. As companies want to deliver their products faster and as cheap as possible, the combination of transport modes becomes essential.  







CTI’s experience as a full and LTL freight broker agent, offers a large network of over-the-road carriers which allows our customers quick and easy ground transportation and cross border logistics services. Whether by full truckload or less than truckload (LTL), CTI is ready to insure your goods get from origin to destination quickly and economically.

CTi possess solid experience in land cargo shipping. Upon client’s request, we are able to move cargo weighing from 100kg to several dozen tons. Our transportation network is expanded across the world.




  • Groupage and full load services
  • Road feeder services for air freight
  • Consolidation and transportation of cargo Worldwide

CTi works with only A-class road units, which have up to date navigation and satellite system, enable to track live position and direct it immediately where it is requested by the customer. Trucks are specialized and technically adjusted for carrying dangerous cargoes; the drivers possess dangerous cargo carriage licenses as well as ADR certificates (ADR – European Agreement concerning the international carriage of Dangerous goods by Road).




CTI can handle your ocean shipments from anywhere in the world. At CTI, we employ our boundless network of maritime contacts and expertise to ensure that your shipment reaches its destination, no matter what ocean it crosses.  From ship to shore, to your destination’s front door, count on the experts at CTI to efficiently and effectively safeguard your cargo.

Less-than-container-load (LCL) and full-container-load (FCL) is rapidly developing services over the continents with increasing demand from the customers, searching for cost efficiency in supply channels for low value goods.

Close co-operation with different container lines and co-loaders enables CTi to stay flexible and tailor solution for the customer, knowing abilities and strongest sides of the partners. It ensures reliability and fast shipping of goods worldwide. Our aim is to have one single point of contact for a customer in all his global LCL & FCL needs, who controls the cargo flow, transit times, costs and information accuracy.




During many years of activities in air freight, CTi has developed the tightly integrated, comprehensive network of air transport facilities for the customers especially in the US, Western and Northern Europe, Russia and Middle East.



  • Time/Money most effective solutions
  •  Ability to secure the capacity You need
  • Ability to handle oversized or heavy cargo and dangerous goods (all HAZMAT classes)


CTi maintains a global track and trace environment – CTiX electronic management system, to enable the customers to check the status of consignments anywhere in the world.


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